Mastering Your Exit Strategy

According to The BEI 2019 Business Owner Survey Report, 79% of successful business owners hope to exit their companies within the next 10 years. Over 74% of them rely on their businesses for more than half their personal income and more than half would exit today if they could afford it. But, about 80% of owners have not created a plan to transfer ownership and 100% of business owners will leave their businesses, whether planned or not. And finally, more than 70% of businesses that are put on the market DO NOT SELL!
You've spent years working this business. Wouldn't you rather be in control of where, when and how you want to leave your business. Don't you want to get the most value from your business?
It doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, building your business to maximum value and transitioning out is as simple as creating a plan and ruthlessly executing it. But it takes time. It doesn't happen overnight or by chance.
Each week Christine talks to experts from all walks of life, from CEOs, professional advisors, therapists and visionaries.
Our guests are giving you step-by-step business strategies and personal development to increase and maximize the value of your business and plan a transition out that allows you peace of mind, financial security and an exciting next step.
I’m thrilled you decided to join us.