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Bob Cox - Shifting Culture to Drive Results

Episode Summary

It’s all about shifting culture to drive results with Christine and her guest, Bob Cox! Bob has worked with individuals and organizations to help them have sustainable human capital improvements. In this episode, he talks about not just the organizational shift, but also aligning people to set them up for high performance. Stay tuned!

Episode Notes

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About Bob Cox:

With a background in sales, education, coaching and leadership, Bob has been influencing improved outcomes for teams and individuals his entire career. In 2020 Bob was compelled to employ his knowledge and expertise to impact other organizations. BHHC Consulting was born. He is passionate about helping you live in the tension of doing 2 things at once – winning and improving. His approach is pragmatic and principled. He uses tools that reveal insights about the personality makeup of your teams and that challenge you to consider the experiences, beliefs and actions driving your results. A golfer and pet-lover, Bob has a goal of taking his wife and 2 teenage boys whitewater rafting down West Virginia’s Gauley River & experiencing the 5 class V rapids before lunch.


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