Mastering Your Exit Strategy

Pete Walsh - Leadership and the Family Exit

Episode Summary

It’s all about understanding why good leadership is important now more than ever with Christine and her guest, Pete Walsh! Pete works with family business owners by coaching them on how to lead their family business into success. He shares the impact of leadership development in the future of the business. Stay tuned!

Episode Notes

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About Pete Walsh:

Coach Pete Walsh has been coaching business owners and their teams for over 20 years! He is the author of two books – Coach to Win the Leadership Game and The Family Business Playbook. He’s been an entrepreneur his whole life and is passionate about helping leaders create engaged, loyal, and accountable business teams. The cornerstone of his work uses the same proven principles used by world-class athletes and performers.  Success is not as much about TALENT as it is about something Coach Pete calls DELIBERATE PRACTICE. Today he’ll share with us how to he teaches business owners and their teams how to practice, coach, and develop a “coaching mindset” to win in today’s extremely competitive and demanding world of building winning business teams. Coach Pete lives in Arizona with his wife of 35 years and enjoys playing golf, traveling and occasionally trying to coach his 30-year-old adult children. He loves employing what he calls just the right combination of tough love, humor, and compassion to help his clients succeed.


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