Mastering Your Exit Strategy

Scott Snider - What is Exit Planning and Value Acceleration? (Replay)

Episode Summary

Today, we're revisiting one of our best episodes from last year - the one with Scott Snider. The Value Acceleration Methodology still proves to be a strong tool for setting a good foundation for your exit strategy. If you haven't started planning yet, it's crucial for you to get started right now! If you have, this episode still serves as a great reminder. Stay tuned!

Episode Notes

In this replay, Scott breaks down the 3 pillars of The Value Acceleration Method - Discover, Prepare, and Decide. He also shares how each would help you align your personal and business goals. If you plan to have a better life beyond your business exit, this one's for you.


About our Guest:

Scott Snider is a nationally recognized industry leader, and growth specialist. He serves as President of the Exit Planning Institute (EPI), and Operating Partner of Snider Premier Growth.  

In 2018, Snider released his first book, Fishing for Value: A Short Story of Succession Planning, Business Growth, and Exit, available on Amazon.


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