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Stacy Whaley - Organizational Culture

Episode Summary

It’s all about creating the right culture with Christine and her guest, Stacy Whaley! Stacy is the Founder and Chief Coaching Officer of Fire Up & Lead. In this episode, she shares that tending to the workplace culture can impact how the business adapts to change. What are organizations doing right and wrong in their business? Stay tuned!

Episode Notes

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About Stacy Whaley:

Stacy Whaley, Founder and Chief Coaching Officer of Fire Up & Lead, is PASSIONATE about partnering with executives and entrepreneurs to gain clarity on their vision, design organizational culture standards, and develop strategies that further business goals. 

By eliminating overwhelm, gaining traction, and creating clear objectives, Stacy thrives on building the confidence levels of her clients while implementing realistic boundaries and expectations. She knows the importance of building commitment among employees, ensuring all team members are aligned with goals, and understands how to create plans for adaptation in today’s business environment. 

Stacy and her family—including five boys and two grandchildren—live in Northwestern Wisconsin. With the power of technology, Stacy works with both local and national clients and truly enjoys seeing their SUCCESS.


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