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Teresa Mitrovic - How Psychological Safety Stops the Burnout Cycle

Episode Summary

It’s all about promoting a healthy work environment with Christine and her guest, Teresa Mitrovic! Teresa is the founder of ORO Collective, where she specializes in psychological trust and safety in the workplace. She talks about the effects of psychological safety in the overall performance of a team. How does it help reduce burnout? Stay tuned!

Episode Notes

Here are the things to expect in this episode:

About Teresa Mitrovic:

Teresa Mitrovic is the founder of ORO Collective, as well as a consultant, coach, course creator and author specializing in performance, psychological safety and trust. In her past life as a corporate leader, when the increasing demands of senior leadership clashed with single parenthood, coaching as a leader was the solution. With workloads reset, team cohesion and alignment gained, performance improved and profit tripled. She has lived and worked internationally, delivering keynotes and workshops to clients large and small and authored the book ‘The Currency of Connection - how trust transforms life, relationships and work’.

Now based in Melbourne with her husband and dog, she works internationally - and virtually - coaching top executives from companies like Barclays, Hasbro, Disney, and Accenture.


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